11 Positive Benefits of Swimming for Kids

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11 Positive Benefits of Swimming for Kids

Benefits of swimming for children – Teaching your child to swim and encouraging him to swim regularly can have significant health benefits.Actually not only for children, swimming is also good for adults and has been proven to provide many positive benefits.

Swimming lessons are still one of the most popular extracurricular activities that children are interested in.Parents enroll their children in swimming lessons or extracurriculars for a variety of reasons, including safety training, physical exercise, and social interaction.

Children really like swimming, because basically they like to play in the water and play in the pool with their friends.

But did you know that there are actually some positive benefits that can be obtained from exercise other than about health and safety? Let's look at the benefits of good swimming for children!

Good Teaching for Your Children to Lessons Swimming Positive Benefits of Swimming for Children
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The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends the right time to teach children to swim at the age of 4 to reduce the risk of drowning. This is because not all children are ready to swim at the same age. And The ideal time for swimming is in the morning from 7 to 9, and in the evening from 6 to 8. Swimming should also only be60 minutes, 3 times a week.

1. Provides Physical Exercise

Positive Benefits of Swimming for Children

Swimming can be a fun way to keep your kids active and healthy year-round. (Do you want your kids active and healthy?)

While most people know that swimming is a great, gentle cardiovascular exercise, it also offers a host of other health benefits, such as B. Improving strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, and more!

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2. Aids Cardiovascular Health

Positive Benefits of Swimming for Children

When it comes to cardiovascular health, swimming is one of the best activities as it helps condition your heart and lungs to work together more efficiently.

As a result, your heart doesn't have to work as hard to pump blood and oxygen around your body.

3. Strengthens Lung Capacity

Positive Benefits of Swimming for Children

One of the most important things swimmers are taught early on is how to control their breathing.
which in turn helps increase their lung capacity, pump oxygen around the body, and deliver energy more efficiently.

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4. Improves Endurance

Positive Benefits of Swimming for Children

Swimming is a sport that trains all muscle groups and at the same time builds cardiovascular strength.
This leads to better endurance and endurance and creates the conditions for exceptional results in any other sport!

5. Builds Muscle

Positive Benefits of Swimming for Children

During swimming lessons, your little fish will use muscle groups that it might not otherwise have been able to strengthen.
With every stroke they learn, they use different muscles to pull, kick, and slide through the water.

6. Aids Digestion

Positive Benefits of Swimming for Children

In order not to be too specific, our digestive system also needs us to function optimally.
Swimming provides the exercise to open things up and aid digestion in children. Think of the food as marble and your child's intestinal system as tense. , winding hall must roll the marble.

7. Improves Sleep

Positive Benefits of Swimming for Children

Children seem to have an infinite amount of energy, and while you might think they would burn it off during the day.
And, children ALL need to be productive in exercising their muscles, which is why swimming is perfect!

8. Increases Energy

Positive Benefits of Swimming for Children

It may seem counterintuitive that swimming can improve sleep and increase energy, but it's true!
As we learned in science lessons: a stationary object remains at rest and a moving object remains in motion. Tablet or watch TV all day, that seems like all they want to do, but if they move around a little they want to keep doing something actively.

9. Reduces Stress & Anxiety

Positive Benefits of Swimming for Children

Swimming is not only good for the body but it has also been shown to help reduce stress.
Whether the relaxing feeling of effortlessly floating or gliding, being in the water has a calming effect for most people. But that's not the only reason to swim. it's supposed to be a stress-relieving activity. When people are active, they tend to be happier and healthier. Exercise releases endorphins (the brain's natural feel-good chemicals) and reduces cortisol (the stress hormone). The pool gets your blood pumping a few times and naturally floods your body with a feeling of happiness. And the swimming lessons at Goldfish Swim School give children even more reason to be happy! Our award-winning tropical surroundings and cool-free pools provide a fun setting in which kids will grow incredibly. And if kids have a hobby they enjoy, they'll likely be happier outside on summer coast of the pool too.

10. Improves Memory

Positive Benefits of Swimming for Children

(Swimming)Exercise also helps strengthen the part of the brain associated with memory and learning.
So, once your children have mastered the backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle, and butterfly, think of all the good you are doing, not just for their bodies, but for their minds as well.

11. Supports Academic Performance

Positive Benefits of Swimming for Children

The foundation for a child's cognitive growth is based on two key factors: a safe environment and learning through guided play.
According to a study by Griffith University, children who start swimming early reach physical and mental milestones earlier than their peers. He believed that the type of teaching and sensory learning that children face early on in swimming lessons translates perfectly into the type of classroom learning.

Here's a little review of some of the positive benefits of swimming for children. From now on, take a little time to take your child to their favorite swimming spot, or you can register your child for a swimming class. Please Read too "Cara Membuat Artikel Yang Baik dan Benar" May be useful!